Introducing EndoAxis:

A Revolution in Testing & Balancing Hormones (Naturally!)

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Kiran Krishnan, Microbiologist & Founder of EndoAxis

Kiran is a research microbiologist and a health and wellness expert who aims to make complex information understandable to all. He has founded a number of successful health and supplement companies over the last 15 years including co-founding and leading Microbiome Labs, the preeminent, microbiome therapeutics focused brand among healthcare professionals. He has conducted and published several research studies in scientific journals, has published chapters in scientific textbooks/references books, has global patents and is a sought after speaker on human health and the microbiome.

Dr. Liz Bartman, EndoAxis Director of Clinical Sciences

Dr. Liz is a naturopathic doctor with over a decade’s worth of experience in functional medicine. She currently serves as the Director of Clinical Sciences and Education for an exciting new company called EndoAxis. She is a graduate from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine, and completed a 2- year residency, followed by work in a high-volume urgent care clinic, where she was able to merge the wisdom and insights of naturopathic medicine with conventional standards of care. She enjoys bridging the gaps of treatment and research in both the conventional and functional fields to provide tailored, evidence-based therapies to her patients.

She maintains a practice in Salem, OR with a focus on hormone optimization and graceful aging through an epigenetic and nutrigenomic lens. She is finalizing her advanced certification in genetics and genomic medicine through Standford and has sought additional mentorships and certifications to broaden her professional pursuits in areas including advanced functional nutrition, bio-identical hormone management, nutrigenomics, environmental health, and mind-body medicine.

Dr. Liz worked as a clinical educator for Precision Analytical, that lab that offers the DUTCH test, where she researched, reviewed, interpreted and advised on thousands of urinary sex-hormone, adrenal and organic acid tests. She has educated and consulted with physicians from around the world on complex hormone cases and has spoken professionally about hormone health, environmental toxin impacts on health, and nutrigenomic medicine.

Michael Roesslein,
Co-Founder, Rebel Health Tribe

Michael Roesslein holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and has completed several intensive professional training programs in trauma release, breathwork, somatic therapy, meditation, energetics, and psychology.

He has been a creator and producer of high-value health & wellness educational content for over a decade, and brings a deep curiosity and enthusiasm into his collaborations with the leading luminaries and thought-leaders in the wellness world.

This is an exclusive RHT reveal party that’s been three years in the making – involving over 100,000 lines of code written and countless hours of research and programming. EndoAxis is going to revolutionize hormone testing and provide an improved path towards achieving hormone balance naturally
Join us LIVE to learn all about this new, incredible technology and how it will enable practitioners (and individuals like yourself) to improve the effectiveness of existing hormone tests and receive personalized recommendations for balancing hormones based on upstream/root causes of imbalance. (NOT symptom management!)
Kiran and his team changed the game when it comes to probiotics and gut support products with Microbiome Labs, and now they’re going to do the same thing in the field of hormones with EndoAxis!
Dr. Liz Bartman is an absolute wizard of hormone knowledge – so you’ll be learning direct from the best, and (as always) you’re learning about this here at RHT first, before it will flood the functional medicine world very soon!
If you’re a practitioner, this is an essential webinar for you. If you’re someone who’d like better hormone balance, naturally (who wouldn’t?!) – you’re going to be the first health-seekers able to access this amazing new technology & product line!

And there will be a very special reward for those who attend live, so we hope to see you there!

Grab Your Spot at This LIVE Webinar Today!

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