Greetings friends and colleagues!

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you’re invited to be one of our featured guest experts in our upcoming Toxicity & Detoxification Masterclass event here at RHT.

This is our 4th virtual masterclass event, following very successful and well-received offerings in 2018 (Microbiome), 2019 (Autoimmune), and 2020 (Brain & Nervous System).

We have every reason to believe this will be our biggest and most successful masterclass offering yet, and we’d love for you to be a featured presenter!

RHT Masterclasses are a prime opportunity to share your message and expertise with a large aligned, and very engaged audience – who are very likely to follow up with your offerings after our event is over!

Industry leaders who have participated in our previous masterclasses include:

  • Dr. Datis Kharrazian
  • Dr. Christine Schaffner
  • Dr. Maya Shetreat
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten
    • Dr. Terry Wahls
    • Dr. Elisa Song
    • Dr. Titus Chiu
    • Dr. Natasha Fallahi
    • Rollin McCraty, PhD
    • Dr. Dan Kalish
    • Dr. Jared Seigler
    • Kiran Krishnan
    • Jennifer Fugo
    • Dr. Keesha Ewers
    And dozens of other leaders in the fields of functional medicine, integrative health, and natural wellness!

    Important Information

    Recording of Presentations:
    September 12th – December 2nd  (BOOK NOW!)

    Affiliate Promotional Assets Delivered: 
    December 16th
    Promo Window: January 10th – February 2nd
    Event: Feb 3rd & 4th, Encore day Feb 5th

    Affiliate/Promotional Opportunity:

    Share with your audience/community to earn:
    • 50% on all Digital Access Packages ($28.50 – $33.50 per sale)
    • $20 on all Detox Support Bundle Upgrades ($48.50 – $53.50 per sale)
    • BONUS: 10% on Post-Event 5-Week Group Program Upsell ($19.70 – $24.70 per sale)
    • BONUS: A solo email to the RHT community within 6 months of the event for our Top 10 Affiliate Partners.
    • BONUS: We’ll have cash bonuses for our top (leads) affiliates!

    Presentation Details

    RHT Masterclasses are 2-day virtual events consisting of high-level expert presentations, not typical summit-style interviews/discussions. We feel this produces a much higher value event for attendees and allows our guest experts to truly showcase their knowledge.

  • Slides are required
  • Topic must be related to environmental toxicity and/or detoxification
  • Length: 30-40 minutes is ideal window (Recording block is 1 hour to allow for intro, questions, etc…)
  • Education heavy, light on pitches – we will share your website, work, book(s), freebies, etc… but presentations are high value and not just a pitch for your services or gated information/content.
  • Does not have to be a completely original presentation, can be repurposed from a conference, convention, other teaching engagement, etc…
  • About RHT Masterclasses

    • S3 previous RHT Masterclasses have been attended by over 50,000 people, and we paid out over $75k in affiliate commissions.
    • Audience is different vs. typical summits – higher % of people actually tune in to the event, watch the presentations, etc…
    • Like a weekend virtual conference more than a summit – presentations, not interviews, half one day, half the next day.
    • We provide custom copy, banners, video clips, etc… along with optional social media collaboration on “lives”, reels, etc… to make sharing the event as easy (and successful) as possible!
    • Post-event group program offer provides a chance to earn twice on all of your leads. (This converted very well for our last masterclass.)

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