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S2E1 – What to Expect in Season Two with Michael Roesslein, MS, FDN, HLC

Michael Roesslein, Co-Founder of RHT

About our Guest

Michael Roesslein holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He is a co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe, an online-based platform and community which specializes in high-level health & wellness education established in 2016.

Due to radical shifts in his own life, Michael has recently moved towards the other “side” of healing the last few years – with a focus on mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic well-being. He recently completed both the two-year training at the Luminous Awareness Institute and Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry program.

Michael is also a founder of Inaura, a new platform which features hundreds of professionals across that psycho-spiritual spectrum, a wealth of free educational resources, an intuitive assessment to guide users, and dozens of live classes, workshops, and other digital offerings.

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Podcast Transcript

Hey everyone, and welcome to season two of The Natural Evolution Podcast produced by Rebel Health Tribe. As you likely know by now, I’m Michael, I’m the host and co-founder at Rebel Health Tribe. We’re about 24 or so episodes in at this point. Season one is completed. For those who have been listening, we’ve heard remarkable healing journeys and stories of people who have recovered from terminal cancer diagnoses and multiple autoimmune conditions and debilitating fatigue or disabling chronic pain, severe depression, brain injuries, and so much more. We’ve learned about resilience and the relationship between surrender and determination. We’ve heard a lot about the power of hope.

If you haven’t listened to season one, I would encourage you to go back and check out some of the stories. You’ll be inspired, empowered and motivated, regardless of where you find yourself on your own healing journey, whether you’re kind of stuck in the muck of it right now and you need to hear from people who have been there and understand and have made it through and what they have to share about their wisdom, or if you yourself have been through a really powerful healing journey and you want to hear about others, or if you’ve got somebody in your life who struggles with chronic health conditions and challenges and you want to know that there is a way for them to heal, there is a way forward and to have some just hope and inspiration for those around you. Go back, listen, I promise you’ll be inspired and that these stories are just remarkable.

I’m humbled and grateful to everyone shared their stories. I sprinkled in some of our life experience along the way. It’s just inspiring stuff. So, season one is all about inspiration and empowerment and healing journeys and healing stories. A lot of the practitioners you hear from, this isn’t the story you usually hear from them. You usually hear about their expertise or their experience or what their specialty is, or they talk about hormones, or they talk about gut health or brain health. There’s not so much of that in season one, we’re just talking about their stories and what they went through to be where they are and why they do what they do.

We even brought in some audience members from the Rebel Health Tribe community to share their own healing journeys of which our work here has played a role for them. I’m grateful and, and just really excited to hear that about our work here and how it’s impacted people’s lives. But the most remarkable story from the bunch came from one of our Rebel Health Tribe audience members. We even brought him back for season two to share a little bit about his why. So, season one is mostly the story, the journey, what happened and what it was like to go through that along the way and what they experienced.

Coming your way here in season two is going to be a lot more about the how behind many of the stories of recovery we heard in season one. A few of the people are going to come back and share a little bit about their how. How did they get the things done that they got done? What protocols or what healing therapies or what strategies did they use? Some will come back to share that. We’re mostly going to have a completely new lineup here for season two, which is going to be focused entirely on education, information, tips, suggestions, a lot more learning and a lot less story. So, it’s going to be more educational in this season.

We’ve got some incredible people coming in. We’ve got booked Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Dr. Deanna Minich, Dr. Nasha Winters, Dr. Jolene Brighton, Dr. Maya Shetreat, Dr. Eric Gordon, Dr. Dale Bredesen, and many other amazing practitioners and researchers and experts. This is going to be a real treat, really high-level content, really great educational stuff here. It’s going to be just like the quality of the master classes we’ve done.

Regardless of what topic you’re looking for, we’re going to have something covering it. We’ve got just mold toxicity, EMF mitigation, psych neuro immunology. If you don’t know what that is, check out … there’ll be a few episodes on that. But Sean Merrick comes to mind. Trauma. I’ve recorded a handful of the episodes already, and trauma has come up in almost every single one of them. It’s a big topic of conversation. And Alison Vickery’s episode, which is coming up soon. The gut brain immune access neuroplasticity or healing your brain we talk about with Dr. Jared Seigler and a couple other, experts in that field in that area.

We have women’s health issues such as endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain with Dr. Jessica Drummond. Environmental toxicity, we’re going to nerd out on environmental toxins with my favorite toxicity nerd, Lara Adler. We have functional fertility solutions from my friend Jacqueline Downs for those in that stage of life. And just so much more. If there’s a topic that you’re interested in, in any aspect of health and wellness, we’re going to have an episode that will be for you. It’s going to run the full gamut. And we’ve got I think at least 33 episodes booked for this season too. So it’s going to be great content coming your way every Monday.

Just today, I recorded two episodes today. One featured a live earthquake for the first time, not where I am, where the guest was, and a conversation about psychedelics. It was an episode on holistic and unconventional approaches to addiction recovery with my friend, Jen Bruce. I also recorded a deep dive into EMFs and mold with building biologist, Cathy Cooke. I’ve had an enlightening and inspiring conversation with Alison Vickery in Australia, around the many layers and levels of healing, only the first layer being physical.

Yesterday, I recorded with podcast royalty’s Steph Gaudreau, whose podcast is about to hit 4 million downloads, and we had a no holds barred conversation about the diet and fitness industry as it relates to women and all the double standards and the bad advice and how women can really fuel their life and their workouts appropriately. So I’ve gotten to learn from so many amazing individuals, doctors, practitioners, researchers, experts over the last 12 years now that I’ve been in this field and I wanted to bring as many of them to you as I could in this second season, too, so that you get to learn from them that I can share this incredible collection of people have taught me so much over the last 10 years.

It’s amazing how it’s coming together so there’s going to be so much to learn and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Just the episodes I’ve recorded so far have been amazing and there’s so many more coming. I just wanted to give you a welcome to the season. It’s a great complement to what you may have learned in our master classes or on the blog. Our website’s getting a complete rebuild. So halfway through this season, we’re going to be launching a brand-new Rebel Health Tribe website. Like I said, there’s going to be about 34 episodes with the first clusters coming out all at once mid-January and then it’ll be weekly on Mondays after that initial launch push for the whole first half of the year.

I’m even recording a season three right now, which is going to feature our favorite products and services and tools and resources for those looking for that type of stuff to help them along their journey. So the season one is inspiration and empowerment stories, season two, education and information, and season three are tools and resources and things that can help you, our favorite stuff. So, if there’s a thing we use around our houses and in our lives, we’re going to tell you about it and bring in the people who created it. It’ll save a lot of time and energy and money on research and trial and error and things like that if you’re looking for those kind of health products in your life.

So that’s season three coming your way the second half of this year, but right now let’s get into season two and I’m excited to get it rolling. So, we will see you a week from today. When this comes out, there will be four episodes dropped on Monday, the 17th, I believe of January 2022. It sounds weird to say, but anyways, I’ll let you get to it. I hope you’re going to check out the season. If you haven’t watched season one, head back and check that out and enjoy the listening as much as I enjoyed recording. Thanks for being here.

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