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Too many anxiety treatment options leave you numb and struggling to connect. Instead of masking symptoms, BeSerene helps to restore your body’s natural baseline, so you feel less anxious AND still feel like you.

Imagine the place you feel safest. Now imagine you could take that feeling of security, ease, confidence, and calm with you everywhere you go.

That’s EXACTLY the way BeSerene is designed to help you feel.





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BeSerene is a Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement Developed by Doctors and Engineers

Less Stress Everyday. More Calm, More Joy.

BeSerene Daily helps lower your anxious thoughts by improving your response to stress.  The ancient herbs have been used for centuries by healers.  New research shows they act on important nervous system receptors to allow you to balance yourself more easily.

If taken on a regular basis (daily) they help your nervous system, giving users a more calm, natural, and relaxed feeling.

  • Potent adaptogenic herbal blend for daily anxiety and stress relief
  • Feel more relaxed in 45-minutes or less
  • Relax your body, mind, and spirit
  • Enjoy and adapt to life’s demands
  • Balancing the stress hormones and balancing your nervous system
  • Daily relief that “resets” your stress response
  • Non-habit forming, drug-free approach to stress, anxiety, and sleep issues

BeSerene Daily Capsules – Daily Supplement For Sleep, Adrenal, and Anxiety Support

Daily Relief That “Resets” Your Stress Response

BeSerene Daily works holistically by helping your body feel safe and relaxed,  balancing the stress hormones and balancing your nervous system. Over time, it will “reset” your body to a more natural, non-stressed out state. The longer you use BeSerene, the better your results are. Taken daily, it will work to reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and increase health, energy, and vitality.

Less Anxiety, More Relaxation

BeSerene Daily has high-potency ingredients to help undo the biological patterning that causes your mind to race and body to react. When the nervous system is calm, the mind relaxes and begins to feel safe.  Taken daily, it will allow your body feel safe and relaxed on a regular basis. When your body is in balance, it no longer struggles to relax, it’s quite natural for it.

Starts Working the First Day

You’ll start feeling the daily formula on the first day.  It starts with you taking 2 capsules between 1-7pm and you can always take more every few hours.  However, most people feel the effects in about 45 minutes with as little as 2 capsules per day.  However, 30-60-90 days later your body will be stronger and more resilient as the herbs help rebuild your body.

Ancient Herbs and New Science Combine to Naturally Calm And Relax Your Body During the Day and Night

BeSerene Daily Capsules Includes:

  • Mulungu – Instant Relief also includes Mulungu.  The Amazon Rainforest is where traditional healers have been using Mulungu bark to relieve anxiety for thousands of years. This powerful, yet gentle plant, has been studied intensely and found to be safe and non-toxic with some remarkable benefits for stress relief and balancing the nervous system.
  • Shatavari – Shatavari is a staple of traditional Indian medicine to help cope with physical and mental stress. It’s also been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, boost your immune system, help maintain blood sugar, fight signs of aging, and help reduce depression.
  • Holy Basil – For over 3,000 years, Holy Basil (Tulsi) has been used around the world for its healing properties. Alongside Mulungu, it provides gentle relief for anxiety by promoting a deep sense of calm.
  • Schisandra – Potent natural stress fighter. By reducing levels of stress hormone in your body, Schisandra naturally balances mind and body so you can take whatever life throws at you.
  • Rehmannia – Rehmannia root is a “super-tonic” that supports and heals the body. It reduces your body’s stress reaction BEFORE stress, so when something goes wrong, you’ll be able to stay calmer. Rehmannia also helps balance hormones for relaxed whole-body happiness.

How Do I Use BeSerene™?

NOTE – You can open the capsules if you can’t swallow capsules or want to start with a reduced amount.

Each person’s ideal dose can be variable depending on their biological needs and unique circumstances. For stress reduction and relaxation: Take two capsules every 3 hours (as needed) between the hours of 1pm – 7pm for best results.

You can start with 1/4 capsule if you tend to be sensitive to supplements. Simply open the capsule and stir the desired amount into your favorite beverage, such as juice or tea – Camomille, Peppermint, or Tulsi with honey work great.

PLEASE NOTE: If are currently pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, or are taking prescription Lithium, please do not use BeSerene™.

How Long Will it Take to Work?

The All-Natural, adaptogenic herbs in BeSerene have both a short-acting AND a longer-acting cumulative effect. Most people feel relief within 30-60 minutes of taking a dose, and they report that they feel even greater relief after taking BeSerene Daily.

If you are not feeling as calm and relaxed as you would like after the first dose of 2 capsules, we recommend taking 2 additional capsules every 2 hours until you hit a max of 6 in one day.

After taking the recommended dose for 3-7 days, the adaptogenic effects of the powerful herbs in BeSerene take over and help you adapt to stress.

Because of the high quality of our production process, our product’s herbs will enter your system much faster than other supplements. Most customers see results within a week. Each person is different, however, and it may take longer for BeSerene to reach its full potential in your system. The ingredients in BeSerene have a cumulative effect. They work more effectively the longer you take them, so you will feel better as you take it every day.

What Happens If I Feel….?

Like I can’t sleep? Try taking BeSerene earlier or later in the day and you might also try decreasing your dosage.

Drowsy? Try taking a lower dosage or plan to take BeSerene closer to bedtime. Please contact us at support@healthygut.com

GI Symptoms? You have moved up your dosage too quickly or too high. Slow back down on the dosage or frequency and try taking BeSerene with food. These effects dissipate over time as your body adjusts to BeSerene. Please contact us at support@healthygut.com

Nothing? Try increasing your dosage by 1-2 capsules every hour until you reach a maximum of 6 per day. Consistently take BeSerene each day for 1-2 weeks to allow the full benefits to build. Please contact us at support@healthygut.com

Amazing? You found your uniquely perfect dose – stay at that dose/frequency to continue supporting calm and balance every day

Here are 5 Rules for Taking BeSerene™:

  1. Take BeSerene™ daily to continue to build the benefits
  2. When it comes to sleep support, less is usually better
  3. If you tend to be sensitive to supplements, start with 1/4 capsule
  4. If you feel you need extra support, you can take up to 6 capsules per day
  5. Calm and balance continue to improve over time



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