Learn How To Systematically Lower Your Toxic Burden In Just 5 Weeks!

Environmental chemical exposures are one of the most important topics of our time: 100% of people are exposed and they are linked to an enormous list of chronic health issues including: hormone disorders, metabolic disease like diabetes and obesity, autoimmune disease, infertility, cardiovasular disease, gut dysbiosis, cancers, and more.

Our #1 intervention is lowering our exposures, but learning how to do that in an increasingly toxic world can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating.

Would you like a clear, simple, and actionable plan to systematically lower your and your family’s toxic exposure designed by one of the leading experts & educators on Environmental Health??

You’ll get exactly that inside the upcoming 5 Week Detoxify Your Life LIVE Workshop, featuring Lara Adler !

Lara has spent the last 11 years educating health professionals – from health coaches to MDs, NDs, RNs, and more, on the links between environmental toxicity and chronic disease so they can better support their clients and patients. For the first time ever, she’s offering a public-facing training!!

Included in the Detoxify Your Life package, you will receive:

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