Magnesium-HP™ is designed to restore your magnesium levels quickly and effectively without irritating your stomach or introducing any unnecessary ingredients.





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Experience a happier, healthier gut, more relaxed body, and calmer mind with our ultra-pure magnesium glycinate.

Magnesium-HP™ is designed to restore your magnesium levels quickly and effectively without irritating your stomach or introducing any unnecessary ingredients. Plus, it contains added gut and brain health benefits from the amino acid glycine. Together this form of magnesium allows you to support a better body, brain, and microbiome.

  • Purity: ZERO fillers or unnecessary ingredients (peace of mind)
  • Strongest dose per capsule (fewer pills to swallow)
  • Gentle on the gut, no upset stomach or loose stools
  • Super bioavailable form of magnesium
  • Supports 600+ critical functions in the body
  • Glycine provides added gut and brain supportive benefits


Magnesium Deficiency Could Be Harming Your Gut

Researchers estimate HALF of the US population is deficient in magnesium, thanks to modern farming practices, chronic stress, alcohol use, and sugar consumption.

That means if your gut is bad, there’s probably an even higher chance you could feel better with more magnesium. 

This is a coin flip you don’t want to risk. Why? 

Well, magnesium is required in 600+ chemical reactions in the body! If you don’t have enough, your body can’t function at its best, period.

And it’s not just your muscles, it’s also your brain and the gut.

Most people don’t even realize that magnesium is also important for the gut.

Low magnesium intake has even been linked to the following gut problems:


Gut Problems

Each of these studies is on animals but they show a repeated pattern that a magnesium-deficient diet ends up causing extra gut problems.

In summary: Magnesium is a vital mineral if you want a healthy body, brain, and gut – which is why Doctors and Nutritionists agree that most people should be taking a magnesium supplement.


Magnesium Deficiency In The Body


The Best Form of Magnesium for Sensitive Tummies

Most forms of magnesium are hard on the gut. They can cause tummy rumbling, upset stomach, and loose stools – bad news for anyone already dealing with uncomfortable intestinal problems.

Some common forms also lower stomach acid, which you never want to do if you’re struggling with gut issues.

Magnesium-HP is made with magnesium glycinate, a form of magnesium bound with glycine. This is the most gentle form for your gut and reduces the chance of stomach discomfort.

It also doesn’t lower stomach acidity and can be absorbed up and down the small intestinal tract. 

Plus, the extra glycine provides added benefits:

  • Helps to protect intestinal cells from damage
  • May help restore glutathione levels for better detox and digestion
  • Helps the liver produce bile acid to digest fats, and keeps bad bacteria from overgrowing
  • May support more rested and energized mornings

In a study of patients who had part of their small intestine removed, magnesium glycinate was more easily absorbed by the body than other kinds of magnesium. This means it can replenish your stores much faster and more effectively, helping you feel better sooner.


Why Magnesium-HP™ Is the #1 Choice for People Like You…

If you care about what you put in your body and the health and comfort of your gut, Magnesium-HP is for you.

Compared to other brands on the market, our formula:

Contains ZERO fillers or unnecessary ingredients so you don’t have to worry about reacting to additives

Provides a stronger dose per capsule (180mg) and per serving (360mg), which means fewer pills to get the same results

Is bound with 20% glycine (1 magnesium molecule to 2 glycine molecules) for enhanced gut healing effects

And uses the chelated form of magnesium glycinate which delivers fast, non-acid lowering absorption.

No other magnesium glycinate product in existence meets all of these standards!

Complimentary Products


Melissa M
Melissa MTexas
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"I have tried several probiotics. I have been using MegaSporeBiotic for 8 months now and I have seen an improvement in my skin. During the pandemic, I suffered from hormonal breakouts and some from wearing masks. After trying a lot of topical solutions, I was advised to focus on gut health. "
John M
John MLos Angeles
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"This product is not an option at my house, but a staple!. My personal opinion is, this is an amazing product, this company has many other great products that WORK and if you give this a try, after the first jar, you will not be sorry and you will so glad you did!"
Al Dear
Al DearGreenwich
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"This made a huge difference in my gastrointestinal system. I went from nearly daily pain in my abdomen and upset bowels two or three times a week, to normal. This stuff is amazing for me. I bought this to help heal my leaky gut. I have been working on this for a year and finally this product sealed the deal! I finally healed my gut and no longer have my food sensitivities."

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