Season 1 | Episode One

My (Mostly) Uncensored Story

with Michael Roesslein, MS, FDN, HLC

Welcome to The Natural Evolution, a podcast where we share our healing journeys and support others along their path of healing.

Content Note: In this episode there is talk of depression, suicide, and pet death*

I’m Michael Roesslein and today I’ll tell you my story, what brought me here, and what I went through in my own healing journey to this point. I hope you find value in the stories that are shared here.  Season 1 will feature many amazing individuals sharing their unique and remarkable healing journeys.

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I’m Michael Roesslein and today I’ll tell you my story, what brought me here, and what I went through in my own healing journey to this point.

Podcast Guest Bio | Michael Roesslein, Co-Founder of RHT

Michael Roesslein holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

He is a co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe, an online-based platform and community which specializes in high-level health & wellness education established in 2016.

Due to radical shifts in his own life, Michael has recently moved towards the other “side” of healing the last few years – with a focus on mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic well-being. He recently completed both the two-year training at the Luminous Awareness Institute and Dr. Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry program.

Michael is also a founder of Inaura, a new platform which features hundreds of professionals across that psycho-spiritual spectrum, a wealth of free educational resources, an intuitive assessment to guide users, and dozens of live classes, workshops, and other digital offerings.

Podcast Transcript

Hey everyone, we are live with the first episode of the Natural Evolution podcast. I’m your host, Michael. I’m going to introduce myself a little bit and share a bit about my background. I’m going to share the mission and intention behind this podcast, so you can make sure you’re in the right place and then I’m going to openly share my own story and healing journey. Season one of this podcast is going to be focused largely on the healing journey itself and over 20 different amazing individuals share their unique and remarkable healing journeys. So I figured it would be best to start with me sharing my own and where I’m at right now and how I’ve gotten here. And then finally, we’re going to give a few sneak peeks of what’s to come in this first season and ongoing seasons of the podcast. So my background a little bit, just so you can get a feel for who you’re listening to!

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