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6 Mindset Shifts for more Joy, Energy and Happiness this Holiday Season

1. Fill your own cup before you fill the cup of others.

Your cup is an overall energetic reserve. Your own personal bank account of joy, energy, and happiness. This is more of a mentality than anything else so check in with yourself to assess how full your cup is on a scale of one to ten (one being empty and ten being full) to avoid running on empty.

And a loving reminder that it’s no one’s job to fill your cup but your own.

Mindset Shift: The more I fill my own cup the more I can fill others.

2. Connect with the people you are interacting with as you go through your day!

Exchanging positive energy in the form of asking people how they are and wishing them a wonderful day is a wonderful way to cultivate joy.

Mindset Shift: My presence matters wherever I go.

3. Stop thinking you are being a nice person by saying yes.

Practice saying no to events or people when you do not really want to be there. When you say no to things you really do not want, you create space for more of what you love to move in.

Mindset Shift: When I say no to what I do not want, I create space for greater alignment for myself and everyone around me.

4. Let go of perfection or having it look a certain way.

There’s often an attachment to things looking just right and trying to make things are “perfect”. Don’t most holiday movies poke fun at everything going wrong? Practice favoring enjoyment over perfection and really connect to what you want this holiday season to mean for you. No matter what that is, it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Mindset Shift: The more I let go of perfection, the more I can enjoy!

5. Do not stuff your emotions! This can be an emotional time of year for so many different reasons.

Mindset Shift: When I allow my emotions to flow through me, I can acknowledge what I need.

Stay conscious of how you are feeling and check in with yourself throughout the day. Take care of your emotional health by journaling, spending time in nature or talking through emotions with friends to keep stress and emotions from bottling up.

6. Shine your light as bright as you can and do not dim your light for anyone this holiday season.

The more we embrace all of who we are, the more we live in alignment and gratitude for this life.

Mindset Shift: The bigger I shine; the more I live in gratitude.

To learn more about how you can put these practices into your own life.


Hi, Rebel Health Tribers. This is Nanci Tunley, certified transformation coach and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. I am super blessed to be here with you today talking about six energy shifts, mindset shifts, that you can try on this holiday season for more happiness, for more joy, and for more energy. The truth is I actually made this list for myself just as much as I made it for you. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Number one, you’re going to fill your cup first before filling other people’s cup. If you are like me and you have small children or you have a role in your life right now where you’re taking care of other people, sometimes it can feel really uncomfortable or confronting to think about taking care of yourself before other people who might be depending on you. This is really, really just a mentality. The mentality is that your needs get to be met just as much and are just as important as the people that you’re taking care of and the people that you’re sharing your precious energy with.

What that can look like is checking in with yourself throughout the day. On a scale of two to 10, how full is my cup right now? Am I at a two where you feel like you’re melting, or am I at a nine? Okay! Just checking in with yourself before you get down to that level two. What do you do if you are feeling like your cup is really empty?

A lot of times during the holidays there is a significant demand on our time and our energy and our presence. There’s simply so much more out there. There’s so much more stimulus. Even going to the grocery store is kind of like going to a carnival sometimes. It’s like there’s so much stuff everywhere. It’s like, ah! It’s really about taking your energy back and to put yourself in situations where you’re not making yourself available in any way. It doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and scrolling through Facebook and scrolling through your phone, or checking email. It really means spending some time with yourself and listening to what it is that you really need, and that you really, really want. That’s the first step. Putting yourself first, filling your own cup before you fill others’ cup. There’s no greater gift than you can give the people you love this holiday season than the very best, brightest version of yourself.

Two is that you get to connect, connect, with no one in particular. Of course a lot of times we’re used to connecting with people in our families and our friends, but don’t limit it there. Connect with the people that you interact with all throughout the day, asking them how they’re doing. Everybody has a story. Thanking them, acknowledging them, teachers. Just pausing and asking people how they are. There’s probably no greater thing we could all be doing right now on this planet, is simply connecting and listening to each other.

Three is you get to say no. You get to stop saying yes to things that you don’t really want to say yes to. This really can activate our inner people pleaser when we think about, oh my gosh, I don’t really want to go to that but I couldn’t even imagine myself saying no or disappointing that person. Or everybody else is going, so this social influence.

The thing is, we don’t do anyone any favors when we are essentially not telling the truth. We don’t really want to be there. What we’re doing is really good job. We’re being really nice but there’s also the part of us that’s being betrayed. It’s one of the quickest ways we can really get ourselves out of alignment. We know that really being in alignment with what we’re thinking and feeling, and how we’re actg and the action that we’re taking, is one of the most important parts of health: body, mind, and spirit. Stop saying yes when you mean no.

Four, let go of perfection over the holiday season. There is a lot of opportunity to be perfect. There’s the perfect lights and there’s the vision. I love the holidays and I always have this vision of how they’re going to go, and they never go like that. Letting go of perfection and favoring, choosing, yourself is what really makes you happy, whatever that is. Doesn’t have to be the perfect present. You don’t have to buy presents for every single person that you’ve interacted with this entire year, all those things that a lot of times we feel the pressure to do and to do very, very well.

Five, don’t stuff your feelings. That is a very broad statement, but there’s a lot of emotions and feelings that come up this time of year. We’re around people that we might not normally be around, the family and friends. There’s a lot of stuff that can come up, and we can stuff our feelings with shopping, with distractions, with food, with alcohol. We just keep pushing them down further and further and further until sometimes we get to January and we start falling for all that BS where tell us that we need a new version of ourselves, and we don’t need a new version of ourselves. We just need to unpack all that silliness that we’ve suppressed, all those feelings.

Find a friend. If journaling works for you, that can be amazing. You can certainly go out into the woods and yell, punch a pillow, do whatever it takes to get those emotions out. Do not hold onto them. Do not swallow them. They are not good for our body. Be conscious of those times when you’re experiencing emotions that don’t need to live in your body.

The next one, the last one, is to shine your light as bright as you possibly can. Do not feel like, as you’re going through the holiday season and you’re seeing different people, and you’re seeing family members, sometimes we can get into situations where we feel like maybe we want to shrink or we feel like if we shine too bright then we’re going to be making the people around us uncomfortable. We’re such nice people, we don’t want to do that, so we make ourselves smaller. Shine your light as bright as you possibly can this season because that is the best way to enter into the new year. What would it feel like coming into January feeling empowered, feeling like you actually had a full cup, feeling so blessed and filled up just from connecting with so many different people? You’ve let go of perfection. You’re not stuffing your feelings. We’re not worrying about being perfect about any of this, of course, naturally. You’re just feeling like a shiny bright penny.

That is my offering to you this season and my offering treatments as well, six mindset shifts to bring you more happiness, energy, and joy this season. If you are interested in putting into practice or being part of a program where this is put into practice, as well as health and functional nutrition, I welcome you to head over to my website, I have a wonderful group program coming up encompassing all of this and so much more. I’d love to share more about it with you. I hope you have an amazing day. Thank you so much, and bye.


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Nanci Tunley

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My name is Nanci Tunley and I’m a certified coach and functional nutritionist who is passionate about helping people create true health from the inside out. Even though I felt like I had the knowledge, I found myself frustrated, burned out and not sure what to do my first years of practice when clients would get stuck or not follow through.

Learning more information helped a little but when I learned how to coach my clients and take a true mind/body/spirit approach everything changed and so did they! I truly love my work.

I help women who are tired of dieting, feeling overwhelmed and confused about their health reclaim their vitality, honor their bodies and make changes that last a lifetime so they can live fully expressed, full of energy and full of love for themselves and others. Do you know any women who want to reclaim their Vitality?

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