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Butyrate Benefits for the Brain Health and Better Sleep


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Webinar Transcript

Steve Wright: But people understand that magnesium’s used everywhere. And the same is true for butyrate. It’s used everywhere. For instance, it helps stimulate parathyroid hormone, which is important for creating bone. So, there’s a bunch of studies on mice where they show taking butyric acid, either slows bone loss, or increases bone formation. There’s studies on the sleep. We have a whole class of people, I don’t know if it’s 10 or 15% of our customers, who think that this product is their final answer to deep sleep. For instance, myself, I’ve, I’ve had Oura Rings since Oura Ring launched. I had sleep trackers prior to that. And I’ve always had pretty terrible deep sleep numbers, high REM, but not very good deep sleep. And there’s a, it is a mouse study on giving tributyrin and seeing a huge increase in deep sleep numbers. And that’s what I found on my Oura Ring. I’m finally back above an hour on deep sleep. And we have this whole group of people in the community who don’t have GI issues, who just take a capsule before bed for the sleep benefits that they get. So, it has obvious effects in the brain. That whole segment of neurodegeneration research and all that stuff is underway right now. There’s no real … Anything on sodium butyrate, or tributyrate yet for the type of brain things. But if we assume that the blood-brain barrier is like the gut-brain barrier, which everybody says it is, and we see the benefit on sleep, I think it’s probably only a matter of time before we realize just how important these tributyrins can be for the brain as well. Michael Roesslein: So, not just in the gut, absorbed into systemically and provide the same sort of benefits with other barriers, basically. Yeah. Steve Wright: Yeah, yeah. And that’s in the lungs as well, for asthma, allergies, that kind of thing, the brain barrier. Michael Roesslein: Wow. Steve Wright: So, all those systems.


Steven Wright

About our Guest

Steven Wright is an engineer and the Founder and CEO of Healthy Gut, a company that offers hope for those suffering with digestive pain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, gas, and other GI ailments. Fueled by his own lifelong health problems, Steven coached, researched, and biohacked his way to a better understand of what’s needed for sustained gut health. After years of coaching others and reverse-engineering his own symptoms, he now offers results-oriented solutions for better GI health.

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