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Aglaee Jacob

Aglaée Jacob

About our Guest

Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD is a registered dietitian, health coach, triple author of nutrition books, certified self-love guide, certified Qoya teacher, and energy healer. Aglaée struggled with emotional eating and binge eating disorder for 2 decades of her life, which contributed to digestive issues, blood sugar dysregulation, and hormonal imbalances (PCOS). She used a natural & holistic approach, on which the ALIGNed Soul Nutrition Framework is based, to heal herself at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul } .Aglaée is also the mom of a 6-yo boy and she lives with her partner and his 4-yo daughter in a small town called Magog in the province of Québec, Canada (right by the Vermont border). She loves love, the moon, practicing yoga, dancing, eating chocolate, being in nature, taking afternoon naps, and stepping more fully into her Self every single day.

From Emotional Eating Chaos to Freedom

Emotional eating isn’t your fault. Something happens (or doesn’t happen) and all you want to do is eat to soothe, numb, or distract yourself from what you’re feeling. And it does work for a few moments although the temporary relief often comes with bloating, feeling unwell, fatigue, and low confidence. The more this behavior is practiced, the harder it feels to break free from it… if you resist it that is. There is another way and that other way is to go right into the heart of emotional eating to heal your relationship with food and learn how to feel safe and comfortable in your own body.

Webinar Highlights:

  • You may know about physical hunger, but do you know about heart hunger or soul hunger –
    and how we try to feed all three with food?
  • How the chakra system (especially the lower chakras) plays a role in emotional eating and true nourishment.
  • Aglaee’s own powerful story of working through two decades of binge eating and emotional eating herself to now be able to offer this to others.
  • How slowing down and bringing our awareness out of the head and into the body can change everything.
  • The Soul Nutrition Framework explained: Connection, Nourishment, and Embodiment

Check out  Aglaée Jacob’s Blog Post
Emotional Eating: A Door Within Yourself

Emotional Eating

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