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Importance of Butyrate for Gut Health


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Webinar Transcript

Steve Wright:
Everybody says, “Eat your vegetables.” Everyone says, “Take prebiotics.” There’s various diets out there
that are high in multicolored vegetables. They say, “Eat the colors.” You know, all of these things, one
way to look at them is they are food and fuel for your microbiome and what your microbiome gives off,
one of the most important things, is berate. So the, the poop, if you will, of the microbiome from all that
vegetable matter and probiotics is butyrate. And then from there we can go into how 95% of colon cells’
energy usage comes from butyrate. The other 5% is absorbed and goes systemic. Basically everywhere
you look and every condition from autoimmune conditions, neurologic conditions, asthma. So lungs,
bones, the outside of the gut. So brains, lung, bones, like all over the place, liver health, you find low
butyrate equals worse outcomes.

Steven Wright

About our Guest

Steven Wright is an engineer and the Founder and CEO of Healthy Gut, a company that offers hope for those suffering with digestive pain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, gas, and other GI ailments. Fueled by his own lifelong health problems, Steven coached, researched, and biohacked his way to a better understand of what’s needed for sustained gut health. After years of coaching others and reverse-engineering his own symptoms, he now offers results-oriented solutions for better GI health.

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