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Wellness Optimization Series Episode 10: A Pediatrician’s First-Hand Perspective on the Pandemic with Dr. Elisa Song

Dr. Elisa Song is an integrative pediatrician, specializing in chronic and complex illness and neurological conditions in children. In March of 2020, she found herself switching roles from doctor to concerned mother as one of her own children ended up hospitalized early in the pandemic.

In this interview she shares that experience, what the current research and evidence shows pertaining to kids and the global situation, as well as a bunch of solid takeaways, recommendations, and tips from her own practice and care for her own family!


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Dr. Eilsa Song

About our Guest

Hi there! I’m holistic mama doc, Elisa Song, MD
I’m a holistic pediatrician, but I’m SO much more than that!

I’m “mama” to beautiful, spunky Kenzi and sweet, goofy Bodi. I’m wife to dedicated, loving, supportive Peter. I’m a daughter, twin, and big sister. I’m a Jersey girl at heart, Northern Californian in spirit. I’m a wine and food lover – pretty much all of it, especially bacon. And I’m a wannabe home chef and amateur photographer.

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