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Wellness Optimization Series Episode 2: Building Resilience & Protective Qi: A Chinese Medicine Approach with Brodie Welch, LAc

The current global pandemic first originated in China, which we all know… but did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine was effectively used to treat patients in the initial outbreak there? Brodie Welch, LAc shares some simple ways to increase resilience and build protective Qi (life energy) from a Chinese Medicine perspective.


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Webinar Transcript

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Brodie Welch

About our Guest

I’m passionate about helping people feel better so they do what they love.

Health isn’t just about the “absence of disease or illness,” although that’s certainly nice.

True health is about being present for your life, moment to moment, and living in alignment with your deepest values, giving your unique gifts to the world.

In Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India), health is being “seated in one’s self.”

It’s tough to do that when you’re stressed out and tired all the time.

When you’re eating at your desk, or in your car.

When you’re moving so fast to keep up with your life that don’t end up feeling present for any of it.

Not only that, chronic stress and overwhelm lead to all kinds of problems, like weight gain, trouble sleeping, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, pain, inflammation, etc.

I want you to stop running on adrenaline, feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

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