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Wellness Optimization Series Episode 3: Nutrient Deficiencies, Natural Supports, and Immune Physiology with Michael McEvoy

In this fun and information-packed video, functional health practitioner, Michael McEvoy, shares a wealth of information pertaining to vitamin & nutrient deficiencies (which might be most important), ways to naturally support resilience, the basics of immune physiology, and much more! A fire-hose of education!


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Webinar Transcript

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Michael McEvoy

About our Guest

Michael McEvoy is the founder of Metabolic Healing. He has been involved in clinical practice since 2007.

In addition to functioning as a clinician and writer, Michael is a teacher, educator and systems creator of diverse health-related and functional medicine curriculum and modalities.

Through unique educational and teaching endeavors, Michael’s objective is to assemble a network of the world’s top clinicians to meet the demands and challenges of 21st century functional medicine, and to implement the analytical tools and frameworks required.

Michael can be considered an intelligence agent/expert scouring the diverse sources coming online in order to assist practitioners through evidence-based models, tools, and education.

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