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Miriam Rahav, M.D. is a triple boarded physician in the fields of internal medicine, hospice and palliative medicine and functional medicine. Dr. Rahav is also certified in acupuncture through The Tristate School of Acupuncture. She is currently training in a diagnostic and treatment modality called autonomic response testing (ART) through the Klinghardt Academy.

She studied education and comparative literature at Brown University and completed Brown’s undergraduate teacher education program, formally certifying as a secondary school teacher of both English and Spanish. Immediately after her graduation from Brown University she took a job teaching high school, business college, community and corporate English classes in Tokyo, Japan. After two years of intense teaching work she took a small break to Thailand to learn how to scuba dive. However, the trip lasted a lot longer than she initially expected.

In Thailand, Dr. Rahav discovered a subculture of health seekers from around the world, committed to finding their own way back to health with seemingly radical practices of fasting and colon cleansing. Extended fasting and colon cleansing changed her own health trajectory and life forever.

 Wellness Optimization Series Episode 7 – Clinical Wisdom & Experience w/ Love from Ground Zero (NYC) Miriam Rahav, MD

Dr. Miriam Rahav has been treating patients in ground zero of the pandemic, New York City. She will share her own story, as well as the inspiring details around her clinic and how they’re successfully treating not only this current infection/disease, but many complex chronic illnesses in cutting-edge, effective ways! Medicine with heart!


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