Michael Roesslein is a health educator, activist, and co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe. He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion (MSc), is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC), and a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). He is also currently enrolled in the Luminous Awareness Institute 2-year practitioner training, and Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry professional training. In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling, cooking, eating, hiking, camping, spending time outdoors, reading, learning, watching films, and trying to make a positive impact on the world. Originally from the Chicago area, Michael currently lives in Berkeley, California with his wife Mira, dog Nica, and Cat Lulu. His son, also Michael, is attending college in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Science Behind Bacillus Spore-Based Probiotics

The Science Behind Bacillus Spore-Based Probiotics Most of us are at least peripherally aware of the benefits of probiotics. But the probiotic puzzle can be a little tricky to piece together with so much conflicting information and every brand and probiotic strain claiming to be the “best”. But as they say, the proof is in…

How to Increase Good Bacteria In Gut Naturally and Improve Microbiome Diversity

How to Increase Good Bacteria In Gut Naturally and Improve Microbiome Diversity In today’s culture, many people have become self-proclaimed “germaphobes” – going to great lengths to disinfect, clean, and eradicate any potential microbes. And while hygiene and disinfectants certainly have their time and their place, fewer microbes are not always better. In fact, when…

Endotoxemia, Leaky Gut, and Lipopolysaccharides

Endotoxemia, Leaky Gut, and Lipopolysaccharides Your gut has a rather tricky job. It’s responsible for both absorbing essential nutrients from the food you eat while simultaneously shielding you from the harmful compounds that make their way into your body alongside that food. To perform this delicate job, your gut has a complex and highly efficient…

Probiotics and Triglycerides Randomized Double-Blind Study

Probiotics and Triglycerides Randomized Double-Blind Study At first glance, your heart health, metabolic health, and gut health might seem pretty unrelated. After all, modern medicine has compartmentalized our bodies – making it easy for us to separate our bodies into systems. Our digestive system, our cardiovascular system, and so on and so forth.  But the…

Digestive Issues and Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”. But a more accurate statement would be “you are what you digest”.

While at first glance, digestion might seem like a simple process, it’s a little more complicated than simply eating food, absorbing nutrients, and ultimately eliminating it when we go to the bathroom. Our digestion relies on countless moving parts and chemical reactions. And one crucial compound we depend on for these chemical reactions and proper digestion is a class of molecules known as digestive enzymes.

The Science Behind MegaSporeBiotic Spore-Based Probiotics

Take a stroll down the aisle of a supplement store or do a quick online search in an attempt to figure out which probiotic supplement to buy, chances are you’ll be bombarded with dozens of different products – all claiming to have incredible health-boosting benefits. But how do you sift through all of these products and truly determine which probiotic is right for you?

[Webinar Replay] Professional Training Best Practices with Healthy Gut Products

We are joined by gut health expert, Steve Wright, to cover best practices for the Health Gut Co. products – a professional quality gut and digestion support line. This webinar is useful for any health practitioners and anyone looking to learn best practices for their own use.

This webinar will cover formulas, product function, efficacy, benefits, and best practices for use in health protocols.

sibo course

[Webinar Replay] Deep Dive Training: SIBO – Symptoms, Root Causes, & Effective Strategies

The most requested topic for a Deep Dive webinar w/ Kiran… Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is an often misunderstood condition impacting millions of people today. On this webinar, we will be exploring signs & symptoms of SIBO, root causes, myths, and effective approaches for finding relief. Even within the functional medicine world, most common tactics for reversing SIBO are ineffective – join us for this training and find out why!

[Webinar Replay] Deep Dive Training: The Gut, Microbiome, & Immunity Connection With Kiran Krishnan

Our favorite microbiologist is BACK with another high-level professional presentation to share with you! This time we take a deep dive into the infinite connections between gut health, microbiome diversity, and immune function. From optimizing resilience during the winter months to balancing and calming an overactive immune system (autoimmune, anyone?) – the health of our gut and microbiome are the #1 factors involved. Learn the intimate connection between the gut and brain (and how it’s actually the “first” brain – and not the second), the 2 biggest drivers of brain toxicity that come from gut dysbiosis, and how a perpetual cycle of gut-brain inflammation drives mood and sleep disorders! Want to know how to end this cycle and stop the escalating toxicity on the brain?

[Product Spotlight] Somnium: Deep Restorative Sleep

Sleep is required to maintain your immune system, regulate appetite and metabolism, and support cardiovascular health. Also, with Dr. Schaffner’s patients, it can be a “Catch-22” because sleep is needed to heal, but they can’t sleep because of their chronic illness. Fortunately, there have been recent advancements to support restorative deep sleep…