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Case Study: How Ava Overcame Life-long Pet Allergies With THIS Probiotic!

Ava Charney

Age 64
Berkeley, California
Psychotherapist, and Art Therapist

What problems were you experiencing?

When I was about 20 years old, I began to develop severe allergies to cats, dogs, dust and mold. We had always had cats when I was growing up, and the problem seemed to develop gradually. My allergies took the form of asthma, and it was the most extreme when I was around cats and dogs. Over the subsequent decades, it got so extreme that I would have severe asthma attacks just by stepping into the home of someone who had pets. I have always been physically active, and interestingly, exercise did not seem to induce asthma.
There were many times when I had to go to the emergency room after brief exposure to cats or dogs, and I became increasingly limited in terms of visiting friends who had pets (almost everyone) at their homes. About five years ago, I went to a surprise party for a close friend; her husband vacuumed the house, locked the cats in the bedroom, and dusted everything. After 20 minutes, I had such a severe asthma attack that my throat felt like it was closing up, while at the same time I was severely wheezing in my lungs. I could barely breathe, and it was terrifying. My husband rushed me to the ER, where I spent the next couple of hours having nebulizer treatments. I had had increasingly severe asthma attacks over the years from being around cats and dogs, but this one was the worst. When I was at my job as a psychotherapist, I had to remind my therapy clients to not come to sessions with cat hair on their clothes- I once had to go to urgent care, after a client did just that. I also began to experience that even mild colds quickly seemed to lodge in my lungs, and I would end up with both bronchitis and asthma. This happened more often as I got older, and after one of those episodes, I ended up getting pneumonia. I am grateful that it cleared up after a course of antibiotics, and asthma medication, but I was concerned at how I was experiencing so many respiratory issues.

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What have you tried before?

Increased use of an as-needed inhaler for asthma attacks, as well as increased use of a steroid inhaler for maintenance. I was also but on courses of antibiotics whenever I got bronchitis. I was worried that the steroid inhaler would need to become ongoing just to avoid the frequency with which I was getting asthma.

Which product(s) did you take?

When I met Michael in 2014, I asked him questions about diet and supplements. I had never been on probiotics, and I was curious about them. I wasn’t thinking about asthma, but more about nutritional well-being. He suggested that I try Megaspore, and he thought that this would help possibly leaky gut issues, since I had taken so many antibiotics over the years.

What kind of results have you seen?

Astounding! Within three months I was not having asthma attacks, even in the situations where I would usually get them. I was surprised, because he hadn’t put me on the Megaspore for asthma issues; I was even embarrassed to ask him if there could be a connection between going on Megaspore and reduced asthma- I thought maybe I was making it up!

What has this meant for you? What kind of impact on your life?

My asthma has decreased dramatically! I went for two years without needing the steroid inhaler even once, and I have been able to be around cats and dogs with no asthma at all! Amazing!!! After being on Megaspore for a year, I went to a party at the house of the same friend where I had that severe asthma attack several years prior. By then she also had a long-haired dog, as well as her four cats. I came cautiously with my inhalers in my purse, ready to leave at the first tightening of breath. And I was totally fine! I kept pinching myself, and it was true. I also rarely have colds turn into asthma and bronchitis, the way they had in the past. My therapy clients no longer have to change their clothes before coming to sessions, and one client was even able to bring her beloved dog to a session, so I could meet her. And to my great delight, I am able to visit my daughter and son-in-law, and hang out for hours in their house with their two dogs and cat- with no wheezing whatsoever! My life has changed for the better so dramatically, and I am so grateful!
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