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Fibrenza Series 1: Protease Enzyme

    Michael: Hey everyone. Welcome to another Rebel Health Tribe interview where we are going to talk about enzymes - protease first. We are joined by microbiologist Kiran . Kiran, how's it going?   Kiran : Great. How are you guys?   Michael: Awesome. I feel like we...

Why Foam Rolling Might Not Be So Good For You

Foam rollers.      You’ve probably seen them around and know them as little torture cylinders. They are now as ubiquitous in gyms as ab roller machines and given their crazy popularity - I bet it’s only a matter of time before we’ll start seeing foam rollers for dogs....

Still Learning: the Benefits of Meditation

My goal for the 2012 triathlon season was to win the Overall of the Great Floridian.  The odds weren’t exactly stacked in my favor. I was coming off a four year layoff and hadn’t raced an Ironman since July of 2007.  I was older. I had less training time available...


  Chinese Medical theory, though scientific in its own right, is built on a foundation of ancient philosophical thought. Many of these ideas are based on observations of nature and are the reason why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) has remained a truly holistic...

Practical Tips for Detoxing Through Your Skin

Believe it or not, your skin is considered to be the largest organ of your body.   We usually think of our skin as a barrier, keeping microbes out and our body parts in.   It wraps us in an outer shell that has become such a part of us, we forget it has the capacity...

Microbiome Part 3: Gut-Brain Connection

    Michael: All right. We are onto the next subject, and one that often gets overlooked when we're talking about microbiome, or gut health, or any of those topics, is the link to the brain. There's a term that you as the reader might have come across in the past. Or...

Winding Down At Night Without The Wine

It is so easy to get to a place where having a glass of wine several days a week, if not almost daily, becomes the norm. The habit sneaks in so slowly you barely notice that your feet ache when you get out of bed, that your energy is a little low in the afternoons and...