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What is The Wellness Optimization Series?

When the global pandemic kicked off in March of 2020, we decided to immediately start creating videos covering all aspects of the situation: from practical tips & suggestions to discussions on immune physiology and resilience – our lineup of doctors, researchers, and health practitioners cover all the bases in this series!

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Videos Inside:

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Maya Shetreat, MD

Natural Supports for Immunity, Lungs, and Stress

Neurologist, Herbalist, and Medicine Woman, Dr. Maya Shetreat shares many simple, practical tips and suggestions for optimizing immunity, supporting healthy lungs/breathing, and reducing overall stress – including some things you might even find in your own backyard!

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Brodie Welch, LAc

Building Resilience & Protective Qi: A Chinese Medicine Approach

The current global pandemic first originated in China, which we all know… but did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine was effectively used to treat patients in the initial outbreak there? Brodie Welch, LAc shares some simple ways to increase resilience and build protective Qi (life energy) from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

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Michael McEvoy

Nutrient Deficiencies, Natural Supports, and Immune Physiology 

In this fun and information-packed video, functional health practitioner, Michael McEvoy, shares a wealth of information pertaining to vitamin & nutrient deficiencies (which might be most important), ways to naturally support resilience, the basics of immune physiology, and much more! A fire-hose of education!

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Sarah Rattray, PhD

Navigating Relationships During High Stress and Home Quarantine

Relationship expert, Sarah Rattray, PhD shares a number of “pro tips” for navigating relationships under high stress in tight quarters which may be infinitely useful to anyone out there living with other people during this situation! VERY useful communication skill upgrades available here!

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Talia Lavor, PA

Current Health Crisis & Pregnancy, Nursing, and Fertility

Curious what the evidence & research might say in regards to infection and pregnancy, nursing, and fertility? Fertility expert, Talia Lavor, touches on these subjects and much more in this informative, compassionate discussion!

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Cathy Cooke

EMF Impacts on Health w/ Practical Tips and Suggestions

How do electromagnetic frequencies, cell phones/towers, and other electronics potentially impact our biology – and what can be done about it? We’re joined by building biologist and EMF expert, Cathy Cooke to get these and other relevant questions answered, along with some helpful tips to reduce your own exposure!

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Miriam Rahav, MD

Clinical Wisdom & Experience w/ Love from Ground Zero (NYC)

Dr. Miriam Rahav has been treating patients in ground zero of the pandemic, New York City. She will share her own story, as well as the inspiring details around her clinic and how they’re successfully treating not only this current infection/disease, but many complex chronic illnesses in cutting-edge, effective ways! Medicine with heart!

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Al Danenberg, DDS

Oral Health, Systemic Inflammation & His Cancer Journey

Dr. Al Danenberg is an inspiration, simply put. Diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma, he embarked on a self-guided journey of healing – and is now doing great! A holistic/functional dentist, Dr. Al will be sharing his story as well as discussing the connection between oral health, systemic inflammation, susceptibility to infection, and much more!

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Jolene Brighten, ND

From Doctor to Patient in a Pandemic

It’s been 4 months since Dr. Jolene Brighten headed to the hospital and received her “positive” test results. In this conversation, she opens up about her initial experience and symptoms, the perspective shift of facing one’s own mortality, her very slow and very up-and-down recovery, what she’s done to try and speed healing, and her thoughts on the entire situation going on right now in the world. A valuable resource for anyone in a similar boat and/or those who want to hear what it’s like first-hand!

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Dr. Elisa Song

A Pediatrician's First Hand Perspective on the Pandemic

Dr. Elisa Song is an integrative pediatrician, specializing in chronic and complex illness and neurological conditions in children. In March of 2020, she found herself switching roles from doctor to concerned mother as one of her own children ended up hospitalized early in the pandemic. In this interview she shares that experience, what the current research and evidence shows pertaining to kids and the global situation, as well as a bunch of solid takeaways, recommendations, and tips from her own practice and care for her own family!

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Kiran Krishnan

A Microbiologist’s Perspective on the Current Global Health Situation

Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan shares his perspective on the current global health situation, including his early-life fascination with infectious disease, simple steps/actions one can take to keep their home clean & safe, and some relevant science/physiology. Much here to take away right away and use!

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