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The Microbiome Series is back! We’ve set up and incredibly in-depth look at the microbiome and its role in your body. Our friend and microbiologist Kiran Krishnan returns to help us take an exclusive journey through the importance of the microbiome in our body and what we can do to improve our overall health by working with our gut flora. This series is available live for free and archived as part of our Inner Circle: Microbiome package.

You Will Learn:

  • The surprising truth about candida
  • What dangerous parasites could be lurking in your gut
  • The right way (and wrong way) to deal with SIBO
  • Simple steps for IBS relief
  • Most common chronic infections
  • How chronic infections impact the immune system and overall health
  • Typical overgrowths in the microbiome
  • Dietary drivers of overgrowth in the microbiome
  • Managing chronic infections and overgrowth
  • Much more!


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