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MegaMycoBalance is a natural antifungal supplement formulated to support healthy yeast and fungal balance in the body.

MegaMycoBalance Background

Candida albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in the human mouth and intestines. In small amounts, this natural fungus can aid in nutrient digestion and absorption, but an overgrowth can damage the intestinal lining and release toxic byproducts directly into the circulatory system. If not addressed quickly, Candida overgrowth can become chronic and lead to fungal skin issues, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and even seasonal allergies. However, the most damaging aspect of a Candida overgrowth is the fact that it can puncture holes through the intestinal lining.1

The overuse of antibiotics, high-sugar diets, and certain micronutrient deficiencies can increase the likelihood that Candida will grow out of control. Due to the nature of yeast, Candida grows roots like a tree as it spreads. These roots can tear through the intestinal wall looking for food which results in a hyper-permeable intestinal lining, otherwise known as leaky gut. Once the gut becomes leaky, endotoxins from the intestinal lumen, like lipopolysaccharide (LPS) can enter directly into circulation, triggering an innate immune response that often results in sub-clinical, low-grade inflammation.

LPS is a major component of the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria, which make up a majority of the microbes in the digestive tract. When these commensal gut bacteria die, they release LPS into the intestines, where it is fairly harmless. However, if the mucosal barrier has degraded and the intestinal lining is damaged, LPS can enter directly into circulation, where it can trigger low-grade inflammation anywhere in the body.

MegaMycoBalance Ingredients

MegaMycoBalance is formulated with undecylenic acid and bee propolis to support healthy yeast and fungal balance in the body. Bee propolis is a waxy, resinous material that bees use to line their hives in order to protect against bacteria and fungi. Propolis has been found to have antifungal activity against many fungal species, including Candida albicans, C. krusei, C. glabrata, C. tropicalis, and Trichosporon species.2 Its anti-inflammatory and antimycotic effects may be largely due to the flavonoids pinocembrin, galangin, and pinobanksin that appear to limit fungal cell division and break down fungal cell walls.3

Undecylenic acid is an organic fatty acid derived from castor bean oil that supports a healthy balance of yeast in the gut.4-9 Pathogenic and opportunistic yeasts, like Candida albicans, spread quickly through the intestines by creating tiny roots, or hyphae, that can become deeply embedded in the intestinal wall. This embedment of hyphae makes it very difficult to control yeast overgrowth in the body. MegaMycoBalance can help support a healthy yeast balance in the gut by targeting these roots.

The softgels are plant-based, vegetarian gels made from glycerin, tapioca, and water.

MegaMycoBalance Function

MegaMycoBalance is a natural antifungal formulated to support healthy yeast and fungal balance in the body. An overgrowth of yeast in the gut is a common problem with the overuse of antibiotics and carbohydrate-rich diets. Antibiotics can wipe out the beneficial bacteria that keep opportunistic fungal species from growing out of control. Additionally, yeast grows and expands by consuming sugar, which is why sugar cravings are one of the #1 signs of an underlying Candida overgrowth in the gut. If you consider yourself to have a “sweet tooth”, then you more than likely just have an overgrowth of yeast in your gut hijacking your brain to make you consume more sweets. Furthermore, many people don’t realize that a fungal infection in the mouth, skin, or vaginal tract all start with a fungal infection in the gut.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a direct correlation between vaginal yeast infections and simultaneous overgrowth of Candida in the digestive tract.7 As a result, MegaMycoBalance can support a healthy balance of vaginal flora by restoring balance to the intestinal flora.

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A study published in the Phytotherapy Research journal found that patients with oral candidiasis, or thrush, who used an oral spray of bee propolis for 7 days saw a significant reduction in oral sores.3 Moreover, the improvement was comparable to the results of the popular conventional treatment, nystatin. Researchers concluded that bee propolis is not only as effective as convention antifungal treatments, but it is also more affordable, more accessible, and safer for the liver.8

Similarly, a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that undecylenic acid was highly effective in treating the fungal skin infection Tinea pedis, also known as athlete’s foot.5 Subjects in the treatment group received a powdered form of undecylenic acid that was applied to the infected areas twice daily.  After 4 weeks, 88% of subjects in the treatment groups tested negative for Tinea pedis, compared to only 17% in the control group. Another study found that Candida albicans could not elongate into its toxic form, known as the hyphal form, in the presence of undecylenic acid.9

The majority of research on the antifungal properties of bee propolis and undecylenic acid are focused on topical use, but researchers suggest that Candida infections will continue to reoccur if the original intestinal Candida overgrowth is not addressed.7. When Candida elongates into its harmful hyphal form, it can damage protective intestinal barriers and promote low-grade, systemic inflammation throughout the body.


Fungal skin infections

Athlete’s foot

Vaginal yeast infections


Brain fog

Difficulty recalling things



Candida overgrowth

MegaMycoBalance Advantages

Current clinical treatments for fungal overgrowths include polyenes or azole derivatives like fluconazole or nystatin, but these drugs possess undesirable side effects and increase the risk of liver toxicity. Additionally, the limited number of antifungal treatments and the overuse of antifungals increase the risk for antifungal resistance. Propolis is a natural antifungal that been found to be effective against fluconazole-resistant strains and not only has a lower toxicity but also appears to protect the liver.10-11 Choosing a natural antifungal like MegaMycoBalance is better than conventional treatments for Candida overgrowth because it is much more effective than caprylic acid, does not contribute to antifungal resistance, and is not as toxic to the liver as conventional treatment methods.

Suggested Use of MegaMycoBalance

Ages 8+: Start by taking 1 softgel daily with or without a meal for one week. If tolerated, increase by one softgel each week to reach the full dose of 2 softgels 2-3 times daily. Children under 8 years of age, please consult with your healthcare practitioner.

Softgels should not be broken open. MegaMycoBalance is safe for children, as long as they can swallow the soft gels. The age recommendation is based off of the choking hazard potential of the softgels, but if a younger child can safely swallow pills, they can certainly take this product.

MegaMycoBalance is a natural, yet very potent, antifungal. When starting this product, it’s important to slowly titrate up to the full dose. The most effective dose will also vary by individual based on the severity of the fungal imbalance and dietary factors. Keep in mind that as yeast dies off, it can release toxins into the digestive tract, resulting in die-off symptoms. The body detoxifies yeast through the eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, anus, and vagina, so if your body has a hard time clearing toxins, then you may notice itching or mild burning in any of these areas. This can be resolved by reducing your daily dose or adding MegaIgG2000 to your daily routine.

MegaMycoBalance Synergy

MegaMycoBalance works very well with MegaSporeBiotic to effectively RECONDITION the gut and promote healthy yeast balance within the microbiome. For added Candida control, you can also take RestorFloraTM, an adjunct probiotic that contains a blend of Bacillus spores and Saccharomyces boulardii. S. boulardii is a beneficial, probiotic yeast that has been shown to crowd out harmful yeasts in the gut, so it can certainly help to bring the fungal balance in the gut under control.

The best way to address a Candida overgrowth is to treat the entire body, starting with the gut.

This involves balancing the growth of intestinal Candida cultures with MegaMycoBalance, RECONDITIONING the gut microbiome with MegaSporeBioticTM,  REINFORCING those beneficial changes with MegaPreBioticTM, and REBUILDING intestinal barriers with MegaMucosaTM. Using MegaMycoBalance in the Total Gut Restoration system could be one of the most natural and effective ways to improve gut barrier function and control harmful gut infections, like Candida.

As mentioned above, MegaMycoBalance is very effective at controlling fungal overgrowths in the gut; and as a result, may cause unpleasant die-off symptoms like itching or mild burning in the eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, anus, or vagina. If you experience any of these symptoms or want to try to prevent die-off symptoms, you will want to take Mega IgG2000TM a few hours after taking MegaMycoBalance. Mega IgG2000MegaIgG2000TM works by binding toxins in the gut and removing them from the system. In this way, Mega IgG2000TM can act as a sponge to soak up any free-floating toxins in the gut before they can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Taking MegaMycoBalance with Mega IgG2000TM can help to ensure that you have a pleasant detox experience while RECONDITIONING your gut and controlling the presence of fungus in your gut.


MegaMycoBalance was formulated to be an acute treatment option for fungal overgrowths in the intestinal and vaginal microbiomes. The active ingredients are very potent and should resolve most symptoms related to Candida overgrowth in a matter of months. Individuals with more severe cases of fungal overgrowths may need to stay on MegaMycoBalance for more than a few months, but long-term daily use should not be necessary. Once symptoms have subsided, MegaMycoBalance can be used as needed to keep Candida and other commensal fungi under control.


Because MegaMycoBalance contains bee propolis, there is a possibility that individuals who are allergic to bee stings could have a reaction to this product. If you have an allergy to bee products, consult your doctor before taking MegaMycoBalance.


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