Ari Whitten

“The mitochondria are extremely important environmental sensors. They are the intermediary that’s processing a lot of these inputs that are then getting relayed to the brain.”

Dr. Michelle Perro

“Our gut health, our internal mêler, is very similar to the soil. So that soil balance is the same balance we need in our gut.”

Dr. Steven Lin

“You have every tool within your skin to have great dental health and people can heal their mouth, but you need to give it the fundamentals.”

Lara Adler

“When people switched from a conventional diet to a mostly organic diet (not even 100%) the levels of pesticides in their urine dropped by nearly 90% in only 1 week!”

Dr. Jared Seigler

“The body is really doing everything it can do to survive and thrive in the environment it’s in, so instead of blaming the body, let’s focus on changing the environment.”

Maggie Berghoff

“Focus on the home first. That is what you can control. Whatever you can, raise your standards!”

Nicolas Pineault

“EMFs are weakening the immune system. They affect specific types of T cells and suppress immunity.”

Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein

“Food is the embodiment of our terrain. We basically ingest the natural world and integrate it into your own body.”

Kiran Krishnan

“People who tend to live over the age of 90, and close to 100, and live healthier.. they tend to maintain diversity in the microbiome.”

Dr. Keesha Ewers

“We know that changes in the microbiome from past trauma and current stress can alter digestion and create this feedback loop between how we process as our stress and how we process our food.”

Dr. Jolene Brighten

“The change we need in women’s medicine is going to start with our patients. It’s going to start with women demanding that we do better.”

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